I’ve spent so much time thinking about how to pen this article for this women’s day , and, August being women’s month, trying to honour those who fought valiantly before my generation in a way I will never understand with my privilege, while I think of the amazing influencers and women who have come before me and raised the bar. The Women who are in my life and those who I look up to from afar, the ones I have seen carry burdens and go through storms while raising children to be bigger and better than themselves.

Telling my own story now seems insignificant to what I know this day is all about and what weight it carries for all of us in our country. I cannot add my wood to a fire that burns bright for our girls and women who are being persecuted and raped and victimised, it feels wrong, my story is for another day, another parallel moment, another time and requires more reflection. I want to say their names every single one of them, but I can’t because every hour or every minute a girl or woman is hurt, beaten raped, murdered in this country there is not enough paper to say those names.

There are those who fight in boardrooms, in offices, in streets and on platforms I will never understand. Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, policewomen firefighters who risk their lives and I am not even aware of how this trickles down to me.

I own a business and am a partner in a business but I am still learning and growing, and I learn from my female friends who lead and stand up in protest while holding on to their values, I have boardroom boss lady friends and friends who make marriage look so easy and effortless. I have a friend who fought and kicked cancers ass like an empty can down a long hard road, I have women in my life who show me grace and love through all my flaws when I know that they too are not infallible. This piece this unworthy piece this mix of thought and written word is to YOU!

YOU mother, YOU daughter, YOU businesswoman, YOU listener, YOU teacher, YOU advisor, YOU clutching to your beliefs in a world that would mock you in a heartbeat. YOU #metoo, you sitting taking notes, YOU president of NZ, YOU domestic worker, YOU my hiking friend, YOU my cancer warrior, YOU my spiritual compass, YOU my sister, YOU who make me laugh, YOU who make me think, YOU singer, YOU dreamer YOU partner, YOU Dragon, YOU gym girls, YOU tired souls, YOU believers in God, YOU Networker, YOU VA, YOU engineer, YOU pilot, YOU hurting there in the corner, YOU who mourns for loss of husband and baby and love and father, YOU who wonders, YOU dreamer, YOU believer, YOU beautiful queen, YOU home maker and name taker, YOU girlfiend, You wife, YOU partner for life, YOU who makes me want to be a better ME! I dedicate to YOU this feeble article and say

Thank you, thank you for saving my life. Thank you for blazing trails against the odds for fighting and for falling and for rising.

Women this is for you. THANK YOU for making me less stoic less inclined to Misandry, thank you for every single one of you, every race, every culture, every single one of every age. Hold me to my words make me accountable make me hear you. Let us form those circles again as we sit around a fire and tell the unthinkable unbearable tales and then let’s laugh or road trip or have tea. Lets console and comfort each other until we can hold hands again and rise.

This one is for YOU and me and every female on this planet, in this country, in my town, in my neighbourhood, in my house!

And YES that’s me in the picture above. A story for another time, never in front of the lens always behind always hiding but because of the women in my life I can point a finger to the sky and be a superhero.


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