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The company offers a variety of services across all industries, and is customised to suit our customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on relationship building and providing solutions as change disrupters


The Change Lab’s service offering provides training opportunities that enable employees, at all levels, to develop the skills...


HR Consulting Services (HRCS) provides a broad range of human resource advice and services for businesses ...


Our recruitment services set us aside in our pricing structure as well as our end to end personalised services for candidates and clients alike...

Our Story

The story of The Change Lab is one founded on a desire to make a difference and a hope that surpassed the realms of what was possible. A single mother, a desire to change the world and a tenacity for work. All it took was the undeniable belief that “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change” – Dr Wayne Dyer. So this company was formed in 2015, The Change Lab (Pty) Ltd is a people company. We are change disruptors for individuals and organisations alike.

Meet our team

Chief Change Distruptor

Kim Willoughby

Kim is the founder CEO of The Change Lab, her skills as a trainer, facilitator, coach, and specialist in all things people makes her the expert in her field. Kim has worked with many organisations in the fields of Change Management, Organisational Development, HR consulting and culture journeys. Her passion to make lasting sustainable changes wherever she goes ensures that the best service delivery is met for all our clients. Kim’s passion is to make a positive impact wherever she goes and to ensure that people are happy at work and personally.

Her holistic approach with empathy and commitment is one that makes The Change Lab a unique company. Kim is a mother, daughter, photographer, foodie and avid series watcher when she is not working or coaching, you will find her reading novels or diving into her favourite mentors who are Brene Brown, Mel Robbins and Stephen covey, she is obsessed with leadership development and finds herself befriending Simon Sinek’s work amongst others.  If you want to engage with Kim start by talking about anything Italian especially her dogs, Lucca and Ginelli.


Some of our testimonials

The Change lab is a dynamic company offering the best customer service in all they do. We have used them for recruiting and HR and would highly recommend them above all others.
Dynamic Company
Kim and her team at The Change Lab are phenomenal. Kim works directly with us and our staff and she has control over every situation. Without her we would have had many issues. We are able to rely on TCL at anytime and they are efficient with any HR admin we need urgently. The best.
HR Services
I went to Kim for Life coaching for 6 weeks in total. At first I was so eager to get started and once we got into it, but really got into it, I realized very quickly that I had been telling myself I was something that I actually was not. Kim helped me realize that what people say you are, is not what you are. You are what you decide you are. I finished my session 1 week ago and I am still doing well and working on myself with the skills Kim has taught me. There is one thin that remains with me from day one with Kim, she said. While driving home today, look for yellow cars and message me with the amount of yellow cars you saw. Of course I counted like 5 cars, but I also saw people with yellow pants and yellow jerseys and yellow billboards. What this means is what you choose to see, you will see. And every time I see a yellow car I am reminded that I decide what I allow to affect me or not I am so grateful for Kim's life coaching and I enjoyed it always! She got me through a really tough time and has shown me how to have more peace within myself, especially with a baby on the way! Kim is the bomb.


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