Nothing can be ignored, it would be ignorant and naive of me to think for a millisecond that we can all just go about our lives as if there is not a huge pandemic upon us and the world is falling apart. With stress and anxiety, not to mention the huge injustices which caused the riots in the USA. We would be kidding ourselves if we pretend that everything is ok with this rock we call home.

I hear the news, I see the pain, I am faced with it daily. But just when I am in the middle of a

deadline, a document, a demanding client. I get the best WhatsApp from my daughter telling me today that a new album from one of our favorite artists has just dropped.

Some context here, I have been a parent for 26 years, one single thread that has been our go-to, besides food, (another whole article) has been music. My children and I have the most amazing memories of music, we would dance around the house to forget the troubles of the day, or sing so loud in the car on trips when we took them, or even just sit and listen to our favorite tunes belting out at the background on a Saturday afternoon. There are a few songs that trigger the funniest memories for us and some that make us cringe.

I raised them to the beat you might say. Both Danica and I work so well with our earphones in and we listen to music while we productively tap at our keyboards and do our admin. Right now, as I type, Tina Turner is telling me I am the best!

My tastes are eclectic I love everything from reggae to alternative to classics to some pop and R&B. those who know me well know that my pseudonym for a long time was Kiminem. That is because I am obsessed with Eminem. One of my fondest memories was taking

Danica and Seth to see him live in JHB.

I remember growing up with Queen and Dire Straights on replay, while my childhood friend and neighbor’s mom belted out these LP’s back in the ’80s.

I wouldn’t give up my clubbing days for anything in the world. Those songs that got you moving and dancing. Who could forget my evenings at the “Doors” nightclub for the more discerning mosh-pit attendee?

I remember concerts; watching INXS live and Toto of all bands. I loved waiting all day in the sun for “Fall Out Boy” to appear just after “Panic at the Disco”. Here are some of my favs and mood matches. What are yours?

–       When I am feeling a bit down and need a pick me up – “Sia’s titanium ft David Guetta”

–       When I am feeling a little nostalgic and romantic – Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain”” or Depeche Mode’s “It’s no good”

–       My angry music – anything from Amy Winehouse – particularly “Me and Mr. Jones” U2 and Depeche Mode

–       Romantic again – Bublé but not the Christmas edition

–       Mood setters Roxy Music, “slave to love”

–       Music to work by – Ms. Tina Turner and Depeche Mode

–       Panic at the Disco anytime every time

–       Fall out Boy is a winner for most moods

–       I love 80’s rock to get me nostalgic

–       I often fall back to Fleetwood Mac when I find myself looking for some hippie advice

–       Dance, foot-stomping would be Erasure or The Cure

–       I love 1 Miley Cyrus song that I belt out with my friend Thina

–       I like to tease my friend Jacki about a song called “Girl Crush” but her and I love us s ome Maroon 5 and can relate to almost any music

–       My friend Seapei is a massive Tupac fan and Snoop Dog may actually live in her house, but she is a James Morrison fan and I have heard Meghan Trainor on her playlist a lot too

–       I also like the old Usher – confessions album

–       Lady Gaga is my go-to “Bad Romance” My car has that theme song because her name is Roma Ro ma maaa

–       I can also wrap the entire song from end to end – Lose Yourself and Gangster’s Paradise.

–       And Journeys Don’t stop believing! Obviously

–       I work out to Britney Spears and ACDC – especially Back in Black

I could go on forever, but what are your go-to’s?

P.S. My list changes all the time.

This article is dedicated to:

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment

You own it, you better never let it go

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime

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