I’ve sewn some pillows -from scratch- I have baked more than I wanted to, or needed to from breads, to deserts to pies, my family and I have built a 1500 piece puzzle, I have cooked some gourmet and some one pot disasters, I have run/jogged/danced around my house to a maximum I think of what should be around 16 kilometres, I have played online games, watched movies (not Tiger King yet) and binged watched enough series to make any teenager envious.

I have been productive on the work front too, I’ve sent emails, I’ve interviewed some candidates, I’ve done some online coaching but today- this day, I feel “MEH”

Urban Dictionary (a place you should only go if you are over 25 and have an iota of humour) describes Meh as follows:

Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care.

A: What do you want for dinner?

B: Meh.

I have checked in on my circle and they seem to be feeling the same – the Meh(ness) is real. One friend commented on his refusal to move from the couch and will tackle things tomorrow will just have to be. Its not a negative sate of mind, its not positive either its just MEH. AND ITS OK

It also feels like something a teenager would say when you ask them well, anything their response is “meh” so here are 3 things to do when the “meh” hits you

1.     Recognise it – its Meh, its ok- name it, don’t shame it. MEH. Make a mental note. We don’t have to all be chasing rainbows in our bat mobile and riding unicorns to get through this thing we are all in. Meh it up I say. For today!

2.     Allow it – it won’t go anywhere- everywhere we look there are “forced motivations, feel this and do that and think this and be that” to quote another friend. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, there is a lot of social pressure through technology forcing us

to be positive, that kind of pressure alone can cause you more stress. Who says you must spring clean and dust your windowsills and clean your curtains?

Who said that this time is a time to suddenly dust your bookshelf and read all the Bronte novels and Mills and Boone your mother gave you when you moved out? They were wrong. Have a MEH Day on me

3.     Time it – if today is your day of “meh” then own it, stay in bed, watch Netflix, scroll mindlessly through your favourite social media, watch a show about tigers and mullets stay on the couch or in bed. However, give yourself a time limit. Don’t live in Mehland, it could lead to you becoming a citizen and then president and nobody wants to be around a Debbie/Daniel downer in your city of MEH. So, have a Meh day then tell yourself “self, today is Meh- tomorrow we are back to kicking some serious but and taking names”

Some quotes from my amazing circle of people:

Names have been deleted cos Meh

–       “Its ok to feel Meh, dragged myself out of bed and did some gym and throwing something on the grill later, then meh.

–       If I see one more motivational article on social media, I am going to lose my mind (paraphrasing curse words for those less Meh)

–         My fav. Isn’t it a public holiday is “mehness not required by law?

Love my people, love that we all feel the same and get the “Meh” but remember my ass kicking take no prisoners, successful doers and action takers, your superheroes and alike. Tomorrow we go back to war.

Happy Meh day- me? I am going to close this laptop and go see what’s happening in our braai area I smell something cooking AND IT WASN’T ME!

Ps. Next article is about getting back to our passions – so Meh through it!!!

And if all else fails remember what uncle Bob said “Don’t worry about a thing, cos every little thing, is gonna be alright”

The Change Lab : Meh Busters

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