There is so much written on the topic of gratitude, various experts have several stories and views. There is the very famous tried and tested “21 days abundance programme by Deepak Chopra’, which, is amazing and a great way to get you going in the habit and way of gratitude amongst others. However, what I would like to talk about in this article, following our “visualisation” and “Leading in Lockdown” is the definition, practice and of course manifestation from gratitude:

What is gratitude? According to websters dictionary “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness” When we are being thankful and ready to show appreciation, we can return kindness, because by natural process humans want other humans to feel the same way we do.

Louise Hay explains it this way “When you express gratitude, you raise the vibrations around you to a higher frequency. You create positive energy that emanates out from you and returns to you as wonderful experiences. You become magnetic. Good things and good

people gravitate toward you because you’re such a joy and delight to be around.

An attitude of gratitude is naturally attractive. It has the power to turn challenges into possibilities, problems into solutions, and losses into gains. It shifts the energy. It expands our vision and allows us to see what might normally be invisible to someone with a limiting attitude.

Gratitude is a prayer for goodness to abound. I think the words “thank you” are two of the most beautiful words in the English language. They can light up someone’s face and help the other person know that he or she is appreciated. It opens the doors to our hearts and allows us to feel connected”.

Gratitude is the vey vehicle that gets you from hoping wishing and wanting to having, being and feeling. It’s an instant mood lifter and immediate switch towards the life you want. On your worst day and in your darkest hour, lean into gratitude and make that connection with what it is you are truly thankful for and then watch the magic happen. Here are some gratitude do’s and don’ts for you to follow:


–       Keep a gratitude journal and write down 5 things you are grateful for each morning to begin with and then 5 you are thankful for each night before bedtime. They should always be different. This will seem easy in the beginning but as you cannot duplicate your list, they will become more challenging, but I promise you with practice it will become part of your DNA.

–       Start small if you must and then you will see the increase in what you can be thankful for as you name the vey things you have gratitude for in your heart. A breath, a leaf, a moment, a call. Keep your mind in that zone of “thank you”

–       Be genuine, ask yourself why am I thankful for these things/people? What do they mean in my life? Children get this right all the time, they truly love and appreciate the smaller things and show love and enthusiasm like no one else. It really is that simple.

–       If you are thankful or grateful for a person or deed – go ahead and tell them, this will boost and amplify your feelings towards positivity and send lots more to be thankful for your way.


–       Gratitude off the misfortune of others is not gratitude – I cannot emphasise this enough. we always tend to have the language of “at least.” Any sentence with this precursor deletes the gratitude you could genuinely be meaning for you. Kindness is the next step in the process. So instead of saying “At least I am not that misfortunate, and I am grateful for whatever that person does not have. In doing so you are taking away from them and you, that’s where the kindness part falls away. Show people kindness and give them an opportunity to show you that gratitude in return. Even if you are feeling like life really has given you a bad hand, there IS ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

–       Don’t be a boastful thankful person, nobody likes a show-off. Keep it humble and keep

it real and guess what? it will keep coming

“Let’s spend as many moments as we can every day being grateful for all the good that’s in our lives. Affirm: I express gratitude and thanksgiving every day, in every way. Doing so is an important part of my life” – Louise Hay.

“The more gratitude I feel the more aware I am that the supply is endless” – Louise Hay

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THANK YOU for reading this. I am grateful for you!

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