Last week I spoke about the 3 “R’s” of visualisation and what that means to us as we visualise healthy, productive fruitful abundant lives again. As I ponder the visualisation technique of a vision board (both physical and online) I am reminded about leadership and how people follow that vision we create for our companies. I thought about leading in a crisis and taking that vision to action.

As we face this tumultuous time as individuals and organisations, we have been asked so many questions from employees and employers alike. There is so much uncertainty. The waiting game is what we are all playing now. Just waiting. In his book “oh the places we go” Dr Seuss talks about “The waiting place” is that all we can do right now, just wait? NO, we can lead.

How do we lead our teams, our businesses our families now in times of lockdown? Here are 7 leadership tips to help you along the way:

1.     Acknowledge that we are all in this together

That’s right all of us, the entire human race. We are all here waiting wondering, hoping and praying. Acknowledge that for your people and family. We are isolated but we are by no means alone. Technology brings us together but first acknowledge that we are HUMANS first, Family members, community and then leaders. Acknowledge this and let the bravery of empathy be your guide.

2.     The Rubik’s cube that is us

Ever try to spin a Rubik’s cube around so many times that the colours keep changing and the more your move it the more frustrated you get because they just don’t line up. Welcome to people. We are all different, we think differently we act differently, and we take up challenges like this in a different way, so how do you step up as a leader with your cube in hand? Let the colours of cube be. Each one is unique and are going through several anxieties and situations that you may not know about. Check in on them and see that they are ok and

heir families, doesn’t even have to be work related. Which leads me to number 3.

3.     Kindness

This crisis is tough, its tough on families, businesses, the economy, the vulnerable and strong, it knows no colour and certainly no social distinction. As leaders we can stop and think about how far kindness in these times can go, patience and how much grace do you have under fire.

4.     Be good to yourself

Although It is important to acknowledge be kind and patient its also imperative to take care of your own mental health. Exercise, continue to grow in knowledge, breathe, know that this horrible situation no matter how bad will also end – take care of your mental and physical health so that you can be the best visualiser and planner for your business when the storm

5.     Remember why you got into it in the first place

Leading people, families or yourself, has its purpose, but what is that meaning and purpose for you? What matters right now, what is your “why”? Check out Simon Sinek’s “find your why” book or ted talk. Then if you haven’t already – communicate this to your teams and families and build now – this is the time to LEAD and soon we will clear the rubble and look to the sun and connect again and go towards that purpose and vision as we take each other’s hands together. Rudolph Giuliani said it best “First, you must have a set of goals, a set of beliefs. You have to know what you want to accomplish,” he said. “You can’t lead people unless you know where you want to lead them. People are inspired when they’re working for higher goals, when they’re working to accomplish exceptional things.”

6.     Harness and attitude of gratitude

There are those members of your team or family who are sacrificing work compensation, time with friends and loved ones outside of the family unit, trying to work on ways to keep

the ship afloat with you. Take a moment to recognise these soldiers and show them that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Let’s also be grateful for the smallest things and lead our teams and families and ourselves

7.      Optimism

Giuliani goes on to say “a leader has to be an optimist and inspire belief that a problem can be reduced or mitigated, even if it cannot be eliminated entirely.

That optimism must be rooted in the key characteristic of leadership: courage, particularly a willingness to take risks and assume responsibility for mistakes that result, while you are trying to overcome this crisis

To all our clients, friends, colleagues and family members around the world, The Change Lab is here for you.

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To end off:

“Its ok to say you don’t know or show your vulnerability – this is courage under fire.”

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